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Let's Recycle

In Whalley Range we recycle around 10% less than our neighbours across South Manchester. So our aim in 2018 is to make Whalley Range the top ward in Manchester for recycling by the end of the year.

Up to 70% of household waste can be recycled, but in Whalley Range we only recycle 52.5% and we recycle less than Didsbury and Chorlton. It costs up to 10 times more to collect and dispose of rubbish in a grey bin than recycling bins.

Over the next few months we will be taking action to improve recycling rates. Let's see how much difference community action can make!

We will be distributing flyers to schools and to every household, putting information stickers on bins in the Dukeries, taking our recycling road show to local events and promoting recycling on social media.