Whalley Rangers Planning Meet Tuesday 21st April


Trafalgar Court, 199 Withington Road, 6.00pm

Lots happening at the moment – so on the agenda will be:
First Steps Withington Road
Local clean Ups
Community Gardening –

There is an ongoing lively discussion on our facebook group about the Withington Road Shopping area with some great ideas and viewpoints. The First Steps programme gives us the opportunity to transform the area into a more inclusive and welcoming community space.

We’ve carried out two local clean ups recently and want to maintain the momentum, – and try and change attitudes to littering.

Getting the kit together for our community gardening programme has been a nightmare, but it’s here now. Our first projects can now be planned.

If you have got any ideas for making Whalley Range an even better place to live, please bring them along.

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