Fly Tipping Campaign

bannerIn 2017 Whalley Rangers and Manchester City Council will be working together to tackle fly tipping in Whalley Range.

The campaign will focus on the avenues and back alleys along Clarendon Road, Bury and Cromwell Avenues and other fly tipping hot spots:

The Council’s powers have just been increased so that Fixed Penalty Notices up to £400 can be issued. The maximum penalty for fly tipping is a £50,000 fine and/or 12 months in prison.

Local residents are fed up with their neighbourhoods being blighted by piles of rubbish being left on the pavement and in back alleys.

The campaign begins in March 2017 and will:

  • Raise awareness of fly tipping as an offence – and as anti-social behaviour – through leaflets, signs and stickers.
  • Work with community groups, landlords and letting agents, to encourage responsible behaviour.
  • Systematically clean the worst affected neighbourhoods and start making them more attractive and safe.



Whalley Rangers Planning Meet Tuesday 21st April


Trafalgar Court, 199 Withington Road, 6.00pm

Lots happening at the moment – so on the agenda will be:
First Steps Withington Road
Local clean Ups
Community Gardening –

There is an ongoing lively discussion on our facebook group about the Withington Road Shopping area with some great ideas and viewpoints. The First Steps programme gives us the opportunity to transform the area into a more inclusive and welcoming community space.

We’ve carried out two local clean ups recently and want to maintain the momentum, – and try and change attitudes to littering.

Getting the kit together for our community gardening programme has been a nightmare, but it’s here now. Our first projects can now be planned.

If you have got any ideas for making Whalley Range an even better place to live, please bring them along.

Withington Road Spring Clean Saturday 21st March 10.30 am

We are going to tackle Withington Road this Saturday which is National Community Clean Up Day. We are meeting up at 10.30 am at the Co-op Car Park on Mayfield Road.

Withington Road is a right bloody mess – see the photos below. So while we are cleaning up, we’ll deliver letters to the traders asking them to think how they can help to keep Withington Road cleaner.

There will be Cocoa and Doughnuts afterwards.

Please register for this event so we know how many doughnuts to get. To Register click here

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There’s a lot going on in the next few months

Come along to our next planning meeting which will be

at 6.00 pm on Tuesday 17th February 2015

at Trafalgar Court, 199 Withington Road

On the agenda:
Manley Park Community Day,
May Day community action day/ Celebrate Festival,
Our first community gardening projects,
Whalley Rangers App

You can download the notes of the last meeting here

Join the Friends and help Alex

It’s going to be brisk and bright for tomorrow’s Litter Pick at Alex Park tomorrow, Sunday  12 – 2 pm, meeting at the Depot (that’s near the tennis courts).

Just so you know, the Council do not clear litter from the park, so it is up to the Friends to keep it looking wonderful and any help is very welcome.

Changes to the site

Been busy this weekend making some changes to the website.

The aim is to:

Have better integration with the Facebook group page
Enable non-Facebook users to subscribe to and receive updates by email
Display the latest information on the site’s front page.

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